My Work

I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in advertising and political science. I am an analytical problem solver who relies heavily on research and metrics to make recommendations that drive increased performance. Passionate about understanding audiences and creating storytelling content in any medium, I am an experienced advertiser, designer, and businesswoman who can empathize with customers while prioritizing company success.


I started my business, Abigail Turner Productions, to specialize in dance photography because it combines two of my passions. I am now the resident photographer for Campaneria Ballet School and provide photos available for purchase of dancers both on stage and in-studio.


After an internship in digital marketing, I chose to pursue a degree in advertising for its elements of creativity, research and elaborate planning. I love creating digital advertisements for multiple platforms as you always get to start with a blank canvas and a goal in mind.

Web Development

My passion for communications and advertising led me to learn as much as I could about web design. Whether it's my own business or my employers,' I enjoy crafting useful layouts from scratch. My work pushes me to learn more about this field in every way I can.

Sports Journalism

My experience with sports journalism was born from my love for photography and dance. The movement in sports captivated me so much that I began working for the Daily Tar Heel as a sports photographer.


I have a wide array of skills in the digital realm.

Digital Advertising

I am able to develop paid search advertisements with Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and Google Search Ads 360, and analyze paid search ads by conducting analytical reports.

User Experience Design and Design Thinking

I can evaluate online customer journeys to identify pain points and recommend solutions and can perform design thinking phases of research, ideating, prototyping, usability testing, and iterating.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

I am proficient in Adobe software, including Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and XD.

Photography Composition and Lighting

I own and operate professional, studio equipment for my photography company specializing in performances and studio shoots.

HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

I have extensive understanding of web development, with skills to create accessible, responsive websites.

Full Resume

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Abigail was an absolute rock star, jumping into everything Estee Lauder immediately from completing weekly reports to account audits to presenting channel overviews to the wider team. She was constantly curious about Paid Search and also took the time to meet with several members of the NY office to even further learn about everything digital marketing.

Additionally, she participated in a group project highlighting Audiences (what they are, how we’ve utilized them, and what’s coming in the future) with the other NY interns, allowing for her to grow her capabilities in group work, research, creating a professional deck, and presenting to a large audience. She was composed and knowledgeable while presenting to the entire NY office showcasing just how much she accomplished during her summer internship with iProspect!


It is with confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend Abigail Turner. Through my work with Ms. Turner's photography, I have always found her to be professional in her interactions with staff, dancers, and parents. When scheduled for in-studio photo sessions, Abigail arrives and sets up in a timely manner and honors the schedule set by the staff. She greets parents and puts young dancers at ease. The parents have been quite pleased with the quality of the photos taken by Abigail and the reasonableness of the prices charged.

Abigail also serves as the photographer for our live performances. Her knowledge of dance enables her to select stunning action shots that impress dancers, parents, and the artistic director of the studio. Abigail familiarizes herself with the dancers and dances prior to the performance so she is prepared to capture the best each dancer has to offer. Abigail offers final products that exceed those of photographers with many years of experience.


Abigail is a multi-talented digital storyteller whose work has enhanced our department’s online presence. She has produced multimedia content to market our top-ranked physical therapy graduate program. She has also created a space online to position this content for prospective students, potential donors, and competitive programs. The quality of her work and ability to work assiduously and independently with our faculty shows confidence and maturity. I know our content strategy is in good hands and I am grateful to call Abigail a colleague.


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